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SEED will be offering three virtual New Leaders Weeks this summer geared towards preparing participants to lead SEED seminars in their own schools, workplaces, and communities. As much if not more than ever, we recognize the need to be flexible in working toward social justice through the personal, relational, and systems-level work that SEED helps to nurture.
A key practice in SEED seminars is sharing our personal stories to illuminate systems of privilege and oppression. I am reminded of this every year as we approach Passover, the Jewish holiday in which we share the story of gaining our freedom from slavery—and encourage ourselves to keep working for the freedom of all people even today. This year, as our world is swept up in a crisis like no other, these themes seem more important than ever.
By SEED Staff Member Christine Saxman.  After seeing multiple requests from Asian folks and other folks of color to interrupt the fear, ignorance, and racism in the time of COVID-19, I feel called to reach out to my White community and ask us to do more. My humble offering comes from my perspective as a White woman working to end racism. I invite accountability from those targeted by racism to help us all reach a new, critical perspective in order to eliminate the pain and trauma racism causes and change our system for the better.

— Cheryl Robinson, Supervisor, Office of Minority Achievement, Arlington Public Schools, Virginia

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