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New Leaders Week

SEED New Leaders Week and COVID-19: Please see our Apply Now page for details of our 2020-21 plans to hold our New Leaders Weeks online.

SEED New Leaders Week is a seven-day, residential workshop at which 50 to 60 educators, parents, community leaders, and professionals from different fields are immersed in multicultural SEED materials and methods. This prepares them for leading SEED seminars in schools, workplaces, and communities where they are located, in order to create momentum towards social justice.

During the week, participants:

  • meet with other new SEED leaders from communities, schools (pre-K-20), nonprofits, and government organizations to engage in a journey of self-reflection and increased social awareness;
  • work with SEED's staff of experienced educators from various disciplines, institution types, grade levels, and diverse identities, along with National SEED Project co-directors;
  • engage in a range of challenging and transformative interactive exercises and conversations to connect their own personal experiences of culture, diversity, oppression, and privilege with an understanding of the systemic nature of privilege and oppression;
  • speak in a supportive and justice-seeking space about their individual experiences of teaching, learning, and work.see how putting people at the center of their own professional development can more effectively nurture the growth and development of others.
  • learn about key SEED concepts along with materials and strategies to facilitate social change.
  • learn how to create and lead SEED seminars that similarly engage their own colleagues and community members to create more gender fair, multiculturally equitable, socioeconomically aware, and globally informed schools, communities, and workplaces.

Those connected to the SEED network testify that as a result of their SEED experience, they listen to all voices, including their own, with widened attention. SEED participants are able to embrace with more confidence and competence the challenges and joys of the many kinds of diversity in their own lives and the lives of others.


Who Is New Leaders Week for?

NLW 2017New Leaders Week is intended for people with prior experience participating in or leading diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice work, who wish to deepen and extend their self-knowledge, leadership, resources, and peer network, and to apply these skills within their organization or community.


Should you be accepted, you will attend one of three similarly structured SEED New Leaders Weeks, as chosen on your application.

You will also design, coordinate, and facilitate an ongoing SEED seminar in your school, district, or organization during the academic year following New Leaders Week. It should meet for at least 25 hours total in sessions no shorter than 90 minutes over no fewer than 10 weeks. Traditionally, SEED seminars have -been three hours once a month for nine months, but alternative models have also worked effectively. These seminars will include at least eight, and preferably 15 to 25, of your colleagues.

Please see our Apply Now page for further details and costs, and review our Frequently Asked Questions.


— Cheryl Robinson, Supervisor, Office of Minority Achievement, Arlington Public Schools, Virginia

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